Edward Anderson

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The Joy of Anal Sex
5 months ago
Anal sex is great. It’s an experience that is not easily forgotten by either party. And it’s one of the only experiences that heterosexual and homosexual couples can bond over. Is there anything anal ...
Does Size Matter?
5 months ago
Does size matter? It’s a question that I am asked more often by straight guys than anything else. After they ask, they always want to show off what they’re packing, either via picture or in real life....
Tug a Lug
a year ago
There are a few pet peeves I have. Slow Wifi, chewing with your mouth open, MAN BUNS, and men grabbing their crotch in public. In the privacy of their own home, that's one thing, I have a choice as to...
Bud Sex Or Bisexual In Hiding?
2 years ago
My writing career started off writing erotic tales. These books made me good money, and I make even better money now that I am publishing them myself. In each of these novels there was a straight man,...