Edward Anderson

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What Sex Dreams May Come
6 months ago
He pushed me against the wall; my shirt lifted so high that it was practically off. His mouth was around my nipple, sucking. The bouncer came over to us, and instead of kicking us out, he pulled out h...
Why Is Big Dick Energy So Hot?
7 months ago
There is something very sexy about a man with Big Dick Energy. Maybe the same can be said for a woman, but I don't know about that. Many people think that having BDE means that the man is hung like a ...
Engaged to a Ghost?
7 months ago
"What the fuck did I just read?" That was my first reaction upon reading the story about Amethyst Realm for the first time. Maybe someone spiked my afternoon tequila, perhaps it was one of the ghosts that apparently swirl around the woman from Bristol. Whatever the case is, this is the perfect story for Halloween! Amethyst Realm wants everyone to know that she loves ghosts. Not only in the sense of being intrigued by them but also in the romantic sense. The way some love their partners or tequil...
Toss the Salad
7 months ago
"This generation gets grossed out by double dipping chips, but they'll eat ass," so goes an often shared meme on Facebook. For some reason, people feel the need to kink shame and make a straw man's ar...
Spice Up Your Sex Life
7 months ago
"Who you are in bed is who you are in life," Samantha Jones declares in one episode of the classic dramedy Sex and The City. Couples have the best, most passionate sex in the beginning of their relati...
Why Gay Men Lust Straight Guys
8 months ago
Can we take a moment and just look at the hotties in the picture? For the purposes of this article, we are going to pretend one is straight and one is gay. Either way, they are beautiful men and just ...