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Dr. R.Y. Langham17 hours ago
Here’s Why Not Lasting Long Enough in Bed Could Ruin Your Relationship
Did you know that premature ejaculation (PE) is the most common male sexual dysfunction? Well, it is. In fact, approximately 30% of men experience “early releases” at some point in time. The truth is,...
What to Do When Your Partner Suddenly Can’t Get It Up
If you’re having regular sex you’ll know only too well that it doesn’t always go to plan. Accidental injuries, furniture malfunctions, broken condoms and unexpected guests…everyone will have a story o...
Dolly Mae19 hours ago
Three Way Was Thee Way!
It's only 6 AM and I am up sitting on my couch gazing out my window at the waves hitting the shore. I had just packed up my husband’s lunch and sent him on his way. See my husband and I have been marr...
Evelyn Rose20 hours ago
Playing With Fire Pt. 2
Amber and Justin went outside to smoke and calm down. They talked for a bit while they sat on the porch of her four-bedroom rental home, but she knew if they went back in and got on that couch things ...
Cathy 21 hours ago
New SLS Dating Site Welcomes Swinger Couples and Mature Swingers
Relationships have taken new turns. And based on the ardent human need to be happy, open relationships are more common than ever. It is through these sorts of relationships that swinger couples are li...
Follow-Up to Pandora's Box
A follow up to Pandora’s Box So I did a thing on Saturday that I called “Pandora’s Box.” It was published in Filthy on Sunday morning (I disagree with the placement, but there was a lot of talk about ...
Roy Jones2 days ago
Home Invasion
Brazzers are really business savvy when it comes to pornography, making sure not to neglect us Brits from across the pond. The quality of porn they produce could well get shown on British adult channe...
kei hanson3 days ago
The Guy Behind the Counter
I sat in the same booth as always, headphones in, music almost to full capacity. The world around me completely muted out, and a book spread open in front of me. Every time I came here, it was the sam...
Roy Jones3 days ago
'My Dad's Hot Girlfriend'
Naughty America doesn't do the "double team" scene too often, so not tosaturate their market and make it a bit special when they do release one. When they do release such a scene, it tends to be a bit...