Edward Anderson

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5 Hot Bi-Guy Porn Stars
2 months ago
There are some guys that are grossed out if they touch knees with another "bro." However, these five guys not only touched knees with another dude, but in most cases had full on sex with them. Some we...
Feed Your Sexual Appetite​
2 months ago
If that picture doesn't make you hungry for a hung—er—Sundae, then there needs to be another discussion had about the fluidity of sexual attraction. Just in case you weren't aware, when Chris Evans tu...
The Truth About Incels
3 months ago
Over the past year or so, there has been a new word creeping into the erotic scene. Incel. After checking its definition, it made no sense at all. An incel is a man who is involuntarily celibate. Gran...
The Countdown to the End of Tumblr Begins
3 months ago
Where do you turn when you want to see some dick or tits? Most will say they do a Google search, which is fair. Most of the searches, though, will lead to a long list of Tumblr accounts that have the ...
5 Things to Know About Stealthing
3 months ago
"I'm kind of a good girl—and I'm not. I'm a good girl because I really believe in love, integrity, and respect." That is how Katy Perry describes herself and her views on sex. The important here shoul...
Why Do Prisoners Get Laid So Much?
3 months ago
Have you ever googled prison porn? The results are almost as popular as daddy does babysitter or MILF porn. It's why Darren Criss became a sex symbol when he played Andrew Cunanan for American Crime S...