Edward Anderson

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The Big Dick Energy of Cliff Jensen
5 months ago
Cliff Jensen is the very definition of big dick energy. The man knows that any gay man or straight woman would love to have his cock inside them, filling their holes with his cum. This, despite the fa...
The Disappearance of Derrick Dime
5 months ago
Porn stars cycle through the industry faster than a guy sends a dick pic to a love interest. Very few stay around and make a real name for themselves in the industry; Girth Brooks, Christian Wilde, an...
Broke Straight Porn Stars
5 months ago
Porn is a fantasy. We all know this, or at least should know this. Outside of a couple making a homemade sex tape, the situations in porn clips are staged by producers hoping to make enough money to c...
The Fall and Rise of James Deen
5 months ago
What does it take to be the most popular male porn star in America? A big dick doesn't hurt. Boy next door good luck helps a lot. For a straight porn star, women wanting to work with you is a necessit...
Shame the Slut Shamers
5 months ago
"Can you believe that slut fucked that dude?" That's a question that can be heard around the Village, Greenwich Village in NYC in this case, most Sunday mornings. As someone who has a gossip podcast, ...
Was Kyle Dean Killed?
5 months ago
"Kyle Dean Dead at 21," headlines across the gay blogosphere declared in October of 2018. The stories all recounted how Kyle Dean would fuck a guy on camera for money but was seemingly heterosexual wh...