Edward Anderson

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Straight Guys: Gay Sex Edition
3 months ago
"Dude, it's not gay if it's on camera. Then it's only porn," A man was overheard saying on the streets of Manhattan. For most cities, this would be one of the weirdest and most controversial statement...
The Fun of Role Playing
3 months ago
When people want to "spice up" their relationship, one of the things they always seem to do is look for another person. Whether they want a threesome, or decide that having sex with partners other tha...
Family Sharing Plan
4 months ago
A mother sleeping with her daughter's boyfriend or the daughter sleeping with the mother's husband has long been a staple of soap operas. And thus, after quite a few of those successful storylines ign...
The Mysterious Death of Bill Bailey
4 months ago
Day drinking is not for everyone. Only those that are professional should attempt to drink all day, and even then there needs to be some caution exercised. It's probably not smart to have tequila shot...
America's First Sex Scandal
4 months ago
An adultery scandal almost seems quaint in these days, many miss the days when there was decorum and respect among politicians. President Clinton getting his dick sucked in the Oval Office may have be...
Extortion, Porn Style
5 months ago
Some stories beg to be made into a movie. One of the stories that one day will be made into a movie—whether big screen, on HBO, or the gay equivalent of Lifetime (maybe Lifetimes itself?)—is the story...