Edward Anderson

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The Fall and Rise of James Deen
10 days ago
What does it take to be the most popular male porn star in America? A big dick doesn't hurt. Boy next door good luck helps a lot. For a straight porn star, women wanting to work with you is a necessit...
Shame the Slut Shamers
13 days ago
"Can you believe that slut fucked that dude?" That's a question that can be heard around the Village, Greenwich Village in NYC in this case, most Sunday mornings. As someone who has a gossip podcast, ...
Was Kyle Dean Killed?
13 days ago
"Kyle Dean Dead at 21," headlines across the gay blogosphere declared in October of 2018. The stories all recounted how Kyle Dean would fuck a guy on camera for money but was seemingly heterosexual wh...
5 Songs to Fuck To
18 days ago
There are some songs that just command that you dance horizontally to. These range from Daft Punk's "Get Lucky" to Barry White's "Can't Get Enough of You, Babe" What is about these songs that make us ...
That 90s Crime
2 months ago
"You’re not going to victimize me too, are you?” John Bobbitt asked an interviewer. This came on the heels of renewed interest in the 1993 case that made him and his now ex-wife, Lorena Bobbitt, house...
To the Frott
2 months ago
“Today, many people are engaging in same sex relationships and saying they are not gay.” Pam Grier, ah what a great quote from one of the best actresses of the last 50 years. Straight men engaging in ...