Edward Anderson

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Actors Who Have Shown Their Cock
4 hours ago
Have you ever wondered what an actor would look like with his pants off? Some are answering the question by sharing pics on social media outlets like Snapchat or appearing in movies that allow them to...
5 Celebrity Cocks Exposed
4 days ago
Many guys like to brag about the size of their cocks. Yet, very few of them like to show off in a very public way. That number decreases significantly when we enter the world of male celebrities. For ...
Not So Pleasant Murder Plot
8 days ago
Hiring a hitman is not as easy as it seems. Time after time, people who want to have someone killed off are caught by the police more often than not. It would stand to reason that it would detour peop...
Straight Guys: Gay Sex Edition
4 months ago
"Dude, it's not gay if it's on camera. Then it's only porn," A man was overheard saying on the streets of Manhattan. For most cities, this would be one of the weirdest and most controversial statement...
The Fun of Role Playing
4 months ago
When people want to "spice up" their relationship, one of the things they always seem to do is look for another person. Whether they want a threesome, or decide that having sex with partners other tha...
Family Sharing Plan
5 months ago
A mother sleeping with her daughter's boyfriend or the daughter sleeping with the mother's husband has long been a staple of soap operas. And thus, after quite a few of those successful storylines ign...