Edward Anderson

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Sex Sells
4 months ago
“Sex sells.” It’s an old advertising adage. It might be shocking that at one point, I had considered advertising as a career. The answer to the question, why is because I wanted to do something creati...
The Allure of Public Sex
4 months ago
“I want to fuck you in Central Park!” So read one message that I received on Whisper, the app that is supposed to be anonymous but has turned into another place for people to hook up. The gentleman (u...
Boys to the Yard, Men to My Bed
4 months ago
“My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard...” Kelis croon-brags on her iconic song, “Milkshake.” While she certainly isn’t using the lyrics to advocate for pedophilia, they certainly can be examin...
The Puppet Fetish
4 months ago
“You can be as loud as the hell as you want, when you’re making love,” so croons Avenue Q’s Gary Coleman. Something to think about here, in the #MeToo age the song doesn’t hold up as it can be interpr...
The Joy of Anal Sex
4 months ago
Anal sex is great. It’s an experience that is not easily forgotten by either party. And it’s one of the only experiences that heterosexual and homosexual couples can bond over. Is there anything anal ...
Does Size Matter?
4 months ago
Does size matter? It’s a question that I am asked more often by straight guys than anything else. After they ask, they always want to show off what they’re packing, either via picture or in real life....