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'Trivial': Grown-Up Gay Porn

Gareth Johnson
in Entertainment

Ahead of the release of his new film Trivial, I spoke with filmmaker Noel Alejandro for a behind-the-scenes look at his latest production: What's your creative process like when approaching a project ...

Ask Wendy: About Staying in Love and Lust

Wendy Adams
in Culture

Have you ever had someone ask you and your loved one, “What is your secret for staying married so long?” I have heard it a lot and had to take a step back to figure that out, as we live day to day and...

Friendly Fantasy

Rose Hine
in Fiction

While laying in bed, fantasizing is becoming a common occurrence. These fantasies are not what I long for, they are only fantasies. As my husband lay slumbering on the other side of our king size bed,...

Why (and Where) to Have Sex in Public

Lizzie Boudoir
in Culture

Several months ago, I was walking on 42nd Street in New York City with Ron. Ron is a lawyer–as a hobby, I'd argue, because his real occupation is sex. Ron is a highly accomplished voyeur, and knows mo...

A Real Man

L A Easton
in Fiction

They do still exist 

Porn Stars with the Most Epic Ass

Caesar Finkle
in Entertainment

The porn industry is known for having gorgeous women who fit every single kind of bill. There are porn stars that make music. There are porn stars that do crazy fetish stuff. Porn stars do it all - an...

Speak Up About Sex!

Jim Vigilante
in Culture

It’s a tragic shame that people will talk about their relationship and sexual desires with a friend or complete stranger who is some sort of professional, much more easily, more often and be more open...

Sex Games for Couples

Lizzie Boudoir
in Humor

For the first several years of marriage, sex was probably great between you and your significant other. You banged every which way, experiencing orgasm after orgasm all over the place. During the past...

Five Questions with Feminist Porn Pioneer Erika Lust

Alison Nastasi
in Culture

In 2016, there were more than 23 billion visits to the streaming pornography website Pornhub. Nearly 92 billion videos were watched over the course of the year. The mainstream adult film business is a...

Escorts Reveal What It's Like To Be a Vegas Sex Worker

Mackenzie Kennedy
in Culture

Las Vegas has a very solid reputation as one of the most insane cities. In Las Vegas sex work is still illegal - however, state laws allowed it to be legalized in most other parts of Nevada. Since the...

You Belong to Me...Whether You Like It or Not Part 3!

Kai Storm
in Fiction

I started this crazy tale whether true or not About a woman that had a craving in her g-spot She wanted to please her big rod by bringing extra pussy to play Extra pussy had bad intentions, came in fe...