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When Androgynes Meet

Star Nymph
in Culture

We hadn't even noticed we had been conducting our entire conversation whilst sitting atop a cage containing a naked man. Naked except for a chain around his neck. On all fours he crouched, his fingers...

Crazy Dreams

in Humor

So last night (or should I say this morning?) I had a very weird dream. Even though it is mostly a common dream for many people out there I still woke up bewildered. Questions arose—Why? What the F wa...

How to Keep Your Relationship Alive

Beth Gibbons
in Humor

It can be hard to stay interested in certain conversations for longer than 5 minutes, so how does one stay interested in their significant other for 50 years? Well, here are some secrets to help you k...

The Bullet or The Egg

in Buyer’s Guide

The main issue for a woman cumming every time is that you need to get on top, cowgirl style, and get your clitoris pumped. One fast easy way is using a bullet or egg vibrator during sex. I know that f...

Surviving Emotional Abuse

Harley Quinn
in Culture

First off I would like to tell you just how badly you hurt me. I know you probably won't care because by now you're either balls deep in your new hoe (assuming you can get it up and keep it up) or you...

Wacky Sex Toy of the Week: The Foot Fetish 'Feet You Can Bone' Roundup Edition, Part #1

Anne St. Marie
in Humor

So. Feet. You may love 'em, you may be indifferent to 'em, or you may be the kind of person who regards having to touch a foot as being akin to having to shake hands with someone who's obviously just ...

Posing Nude

Sarah Sparks
in Humor

I am a large woman and as many of my friends and enemies know I am a rather frequent nudist. Now nudity isn't something all large women and men are particularly comfortable with. The majority of nudes...

What's the Word Ladies??

Bre Meli
in Culture

Alright, Ladies, I am in need of an explanation. This is something that will show the guys how we make a choice. Music is a huge thing for me. What a man listens to helps me decide if he is worthy of ...

The Mechanic's Mistress

Madeline Courtney
in Fiction

A lonely housewife is an insatiable creature, so much so that she may go to extreme measures to... settle her unholy desires. Especially when said housewife's husband is away at the office all day. “E...

The Denigrating Effects of Pornography on Society

Chas C. Smith
in Culture

We live in a society where women wear rape whistles and children are sold into slavery and raped for some sickos' pleasure. You can very well put this aside and say "Well, that's not happening to me or here. It has nothing to do with me." Well, let me ask you, how much porn do you watch? How much erotica do you read? How many nude photos do you look at? And how often do you masturbate to any of these? Let's put this in a financial look. For every click onto a website, that website gets money whe...

Faded Reality

Sophia Rijsterborgh
in Fiction

I wake up chained to a bed. The chains are just long enough to let me sit upright. I can count my ribs while I normally could not. To my body are all tubes and I hear a heart rate monitor next to my b...