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Signs Someone's Had A Lot of Sex

Mackenzie Kennedy
in Culture

If you've gone to high school in America, then you probably had at least one classmate who claimed that he had "gotten so laid," and that he was constantly having sex with every single girl he ever be...

How to Make a Sex Tape

Lizzie Boudoir
in Entertainment

You’ve seen it done in sex films a dozen times, and it couldn't be easier, right? Some guy hides a video camera in his bedroom, then in­vites a foxy date to join him for a night­cap. The end result is...

Hottest New Porn Stars You Need to Watch

Caesar Finkle
in Entertainment

One of the best things about the porn industry is that there are always new porn stars to watch every single year. With a million changing faces, it's easy to lose track of which new porn stars you sh...

Things Most People Don't Understand About Sex

Ossiana Tepfenhart
in Culture

Sex is a complicated matter, and it's a major aspect of the human condition. We were born to have sex, but despite having it be part of our instinctual wiring, many of us really don't understand much ...

Sex Tips for Men by Women

Mackenzie Kennedy
in Humor

Sex shouldn't be so hard to get right, but it is. There's a lot of divide between what women want and what men think they want. That divide causes a lot of ladies to remain unsatisfied in bed, even if...

A Perfect Future?

Alexa Martinez
in Fiction

I slammed the phone down on my desk and breathed in. Three deep breaths, I told myself. Calm down. I pressed the intercom to my secretary. "Hold my calls for five minutes, Candy." "No problem," came t...

Ask Wendy: Ordinary Objects

Wendy Adams
in Culture

When I was young I did not look in the mirror and say, "Oh yes! When I am an adult I will invent a controversial sex toy"! Of course, not. I was doing what every other girl did. Chase boys, play house...

Porn Stars with the Most Spectacular Boobs

Mackenzie Kennedy
in Beauty

If there's one thing that the porn is known for, it's boobs. It's an industry that is filled to the brim with tits of every size and shape. Big boobs, small boobs, natural breasts, fake breasts - no m...

I Write Erotic Gay Fiction (and I’m Not Embarrassed About It)

Gareth Johnson
in Buyer’s Guide

The idea of being able to call myself a writer has always appealed to me. Over the years, I've had numerous unsuccessful attempts at writing a great novel. I struggled to convince myself that what I w...

Why Are Vampires Seen as Sex Objects?

Anthony Gramuglia
in Culture

When was it that rotting flesh devils who sucked a person dry of blood until their lungs rasped out their last became sex objects? Vampires and sex seem intertwined together. Before Twilight, before A...

Why Do Women Moan During Sex?

Mackenzie Kennedy
in Science

If there's one thing that most people know, it's that women are a lot louder than men in bed. They moan, they scream, they may end up talking dirty to their partners...and it's undoubtedly hot to hear...