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Insanely Powerful Vibrators That Look Nothing Like Vibrators

Mackenzie Kennedy
in Buyer’s Guide

Everyone masturbates. This is just a fact that we all have to accept. If you're like most other women out there, you probably have a vibrator to help you cross the finish line. Unfortunately, vibrator...

Josh's Therapy Sessions

Angel Harrt
in Fiction

Josh had his 3 o'clock coming. She was always on time. Meticulous, from her timing to her clothes. He sat in the 'comfort' chair. Legs crossed, with a little swing awaiting her knock. Usually in two q...

Best Porn Star Autobiographies

Lizzie Boudoir
in Buyer’s Guide

Whether or not you're a regular pornography watcher, the very notion that such an industry exists means something to everyone. For some, porn is a perfectly normal, perfectly healthy ode to human sexu...

Ye Olde Kinkery

Mickey Finn
in Humor

Bondage and Domination didn’t begin with 50 Shades of Grey any more than pornography began with Deepthroat. The practices, as we know them today, go back over a century. To be fair, they go back much ...

What to Do With Your Nice Guy When She Begs For Your Bad Boy

Galen Fous MTP
in Culture

Women's sexuality and its overt, liberated expression is on the rise. It is pouring out of the once forbidden, obscured shadows and into the sexual mainstream. For many women this means learning about...

8 Sexual Positions for Underachievers

Ellie Guzman
in Humor

Girl on top? The only thing I'll be on top of this year is filing my taxes on time. My legs look and feel like two Twinkies that melted together so the only way I can pull off any position with "Cowgi...

Pussy Control

Mickey Finn
in Culture

Guys, we love it. We crave it. We want it as bad as we can want things (speaking to hetero males, of course). The problem is that we don’t know a damn thing about it and most of us don’t seem to be in...

Must Have Bras for Every Woman

Carlotta Arona
in Buyer’s Guide

Every woman should include some must have bras in her wardrobe. Most of the female population on the planet wears a bra every day. But shopping for a bra can be a real challenge. There are so many dif...

Best New Lingerie Brands to Shop Now

Holly P.
in Buyer’s Guide

There is a sacredness in discovering new lingerie brands. Similar to finding obscure new brunch spots that you just know will become wildly popular one day, you don't know if you should share it or ke...

World Naked Bike Ride Launches Again

Christina St-Jean
in Culture

Those who enjoy Pants Optional Sunday might want to check out the World Naked Bike Ride. Held annually in March in the Southern Hemisphere, the World Naked Bike Ride has been going on for a decade in ...

Simplifying 'Crazy'​ Women

Nannette LaRee Hernandez
in Culture

Think all women are crazy and complicated? Then it’s only because you’ve wasted your time and money bedding the wrong ones. The object of this article is to quickly simplify women, so that you will ne...