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Bondage Play
a month ago
Before I dive into this topic, I have to say that this is one of the types of play or fetishes where you have to know what you're doing. Someone can get hurt, so be careful. So what is bondage play? I...
Why Women Become Sugar Babies?
2 months ago
There are so many reasons women become sugar babies. I don't speak for all women but these are just the more common reasons that women become sugar babies. The main reason is to be spoiled. A lot of w...
Salt Daddies and Fakes
3 months ago
In the world of sugar, there are several names or terms for fake daddies or wannabes. I'm here to clear up any confusion or questions. I will be using the term Splenda or salt a lot but some of this c...
My BDSM Horror Story Update
3 months ago
I want to start this post off by saying that I am not making any of this up to get attention. I'm doing this so that people will feel like they aren't alone. I want people to be aware that this happen...
My Time at a Swingers Club
4 months ago
So for this blog, I can't tell you what the club is called, all I can say is it's one in my home state of Georgia. The reason that I can't tell you the name is because I don't know how this blog is go...
Are Sugar Babies Sex Workers?
6 months ago
Now the short answer is no. In the beginning of the sugar baby lifestyle, they were mainly arm candy and a companion; sex may have been involved, but that wasn't the only reason the baby would be paid...