Lena Bailey

I want to tell my stories without people knowing knowing my real name. I write because I got a lot to say. 

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BDSM Slaves
16 days ago
It is really hard to talk about roles in BDSM because everyone does each role their way. The way you do a role is up to you because it's what you are comfortable with. I recently talked to two very mi...
Little and Middle Aesthetic
18 days ago
Baby girls are submissives in the realm of DDlg (daddy Dom/ little girl) or age play. There are also a group of subs called baby boys. Littles (baby boys and girls) come in all ages. There is also a g...
BDSM Is Not Abuse
3 months ago
I'm an abuse survivor and I've seen abusive doms. So please believe me when I say that I know the difference between abuse and BDSM. Anything that happens in consensual BDSM relationships is desired b...
3 months ago
Please note when I talk about subs I may use the pronoun she but I am aware that people of all genders can be subs. I had to look up these meanings to make sure I was getting these right and then I re...
Minors In Kink
4 months ago
I am not sure if I will lose or gain readers by saying this but I will never support minors in the BDSM or kink world. Hell a lot of the times I don't think that anyone under 20 should be in the lifes...
Why BDSM Is Popular
4 months ago
Bondage and kink as we know it has been around for over 50 years but it has only been or gotten popular just a few years ago. I believe the popularity of it all began with 50 Shades of Grey. We have t...