Lena Bailey

Kinky girl trying to be the best I can be. I love teaching and learning about bdsm. [email protected]

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What BDSM Isn't #1
13 days ago
So in one of my past posts I talked about how BDSM isn't abuse but there are so many more lies that people believe about the lifestyle. If you don't understand something you shouldn't judge it. There ...
BDSM Protocol
2 months ago
So protocol means different things to different people but everyone can agree that a lot, if not all of it, has to do with respect. Respect and protocol are very important in lifestyle. If anyone that...
Sexuality & Romantic Attraction
3 months ago
In sexuality and romantic attraction, there is no such thing as abnormal, this is normal. For those who are new to the world of sexuality and romantic attraction, welcome. I'll be nice and easy to und...
Lactation Fetish/Adult Nursing
3 months ago
So some men like the idea of seeing the woman they are with lactate, and some men even like tasting it and drinking it. I once had a request from a man to force lactation so that I can breastfeed him....
BDSM Masters/Mistress
3 months ago
A master and mistress are kinds of doms in the BDSM lifestyle, I may say master more in this post but I will mean master or mistress. Mistress and masters are the same thing but a master is the male t...
Anal Play and Anal Sex
3 months ago
So before I start this post, I should say before you engage in any play or sex (anal or otherwise), you have to have consent and use protection. Also, this post is not intended to convince you to do t...