Lena Bailey

Kinky girl trying to be the best I can be. I love teaching and learning about bdsm. [email protected]

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My Time at a Swingers Club
9 days ago
So for this blog, I can't tell you what the club is called, all I can say is it's one in my home state of Georgia. The reason that I can't tell you the name is because I don't know how this blog is go...
Are Sugar Babies Sex Workers?
2 months ago
Now the short answer is no. In the beginning of the sugar baby lifestyle, they were mainly arm candy and a companion; sex may have been involved, but that wasn't the only reason the baby would be paid...
Kink/BDSM and the Holidays
3 months ago
So I know BDSM relationships are regular relationships with a fun twist but it's the twist that made me want to give the lifestyle it's own holiday blog. So there are a lot that is similar to vanilla ...
Sub/Dom Drop and Aftercare
3 months ago
So sub and dom drop is a drop that occurs after an intense scene. Some people also experience a drop after intense sex. This happens because adrenaline and endorphins spike during play, a scene and se...
My BDSM Horror Story
3 months ago
So this happened at least two years ago and I was so stupid for not ending things sooner. I was on a certain site (I don't think they want this kind of publicity) and I was posting ads looking for a d...
What BDSM Isn't Part 4
3 months ago
Even after doing other posts about this topic, I still found more myths about BDSM. You can say no. You don't always have to do whatever your partner wants. You also always have rights. I have heard s...