Lizzie Boudoir

Thrice married, in love once, overly romantic, and hypersexual.

Scent of Sexual Attraction
2 months ago
If you've ever read the classified section of an underground sex tabloid (or remember the pertinent plot thread from season three of Netflix's Orange is the New Black, chances are you're aware of adve...
How Sinful Are You?
2 months ago
Sin just isn't what it used to be. Ever since the I'm-okay-you're-okay mentality settled on us like a mist of molasses a while back, the fun's gone out of it. Practically no one worries about hellfire...
Why (and Where) to Have Sex in Public
2 months ago
Several months ago, I was walking on 42nd Street in New York City with Ron. Ron is a lawyer–as a hobby, I'd argue, because his real occupation is sex. Ron is a highly accomplished voyeur, and knows mo...
Sex Games for Couples
2 months ago
For the first several years of marriage, sex was probably great between you and your significant other. You banged every which way, experiencing orgasm after orgasm all over the place. During the past...
How to Make a Sex Tape
2 months ago
You’ve seen it done in sex films a dozen times, and it couldn't be easier, right? Some guy hides a video camera in his bedroom, then in­vites a foxy date to join him for a night­cap. The end result is...
Finding Her Tranquil Spot
3 months ago
I am 23 years old, single, and live in a small seashore town in North Carolina. It's a quiet little town, but I enjoy this remote area, where I attend a nearby college. I am 5' 6", with long, sandy-bl...