Samantha Bentley

Music Maker, Writer & Yogi. Proud Vegan/Animal Lover. Award winning Ex-Adult Actress. Penthouse Pet Aug 2015. Briefly in Game Of Thrones. Socially awkward, sexually devious, typically English.

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How to Be Better in Bed - A Porn Star's Advice
a year ago
Kind of a click baity title because I know that everyone, no matter how awesome you think you are at sex, wants to be better. Just double check there isn’t anything they missed off the old check list....
Stripper Problems
a year ago
Since everyone seemed to absorb so much enjoyment from my 'Pornstar Problems’ I thought I would continue the theme. Shortly prior to taking my clothes off on camera, I took my clothes off on stage… an...
Porn Star Problems
a year ago
I LOVE to complain. Anyone that knows me in the real world, will know it is my biggest talent. Next to all my trophies, I should have an award for most miserable bitch. You can also follow my complain...
Rough Sex - The Right Way 
a year ago
I’m one of those girls that has absolutely no problem admitting she likes being choked during sex. Actually, I don’t need to admit it, because there are close to 500 movies of me, on pretty much every...
Porn Stars That Make Music
a year ago
Most entertainment industries are linked in some way or another, allowing partakers to flit between genres with ease. Many musicians also act and vice versa, so it shouldn’t come as a huge surprise th...