Samantha Bentley

Music Maker, Aerialist, Yogi, Plant Eater and Dog mama. Award winning Ex-Adult Actress. Penthouse Pet Aug 2015. Briefly in Game Of Thrones. Socially awkward, sexually devious, South/East London born and bred.

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How to Be More Sex Positive
2 months ago
As a former adult actress, I am more than familiar with sex. I am also familiar with those that deem sex as some sort of demonisation of the body and mind. When thinking about sex and all the wonderfu...
Sex Positions for Dominant and Submissive Females
5 months ago
Rocco Siffredi once said I am the most submissive girl he has ever met, a compliment that I will take to my grave. Submissive by nature, I used to not even have the capacity to switch. The thought of ...
A Love Letter to Porn
5 months ago
Dear Porn, First of all I just wanted to say I’m so sorry that people judge you so harshly, and before they even know you. Especially when you have never judged anyone else, you have never discriminat...
Worst Things to Say in Bed After Sex…
6 months ago
Sex. We are usually thinking about it, talking about it, anticipating it, or having it. There is nothing better then the seduction, the build up, the passion and intensity when you really want to bang...
4 Good Reasons to Have Sex on the First Date
8 months ago
This may surprise you, but I have never had sex on the first date. Why then, do I feel qualified to write this piece? Well, in many cases I really wish that I had. I’ve never really had a "one night s...
Why a Vibrator Should Be the Only Electronic In the Bedroom
2 years ago
Unplug from your network and plug into pleasure.