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Virginity Lost
a month ago
The corn swayed as the wind tugged at the young stalks of corn that shielded them. They had spent their afternoons there since they were children. But, something was different about this afternoon. Do...
Pier Sex
a month ago
Sitting on the hard wooden bench, I sat looking at the pier that stretched out before me. It seemed like so long ago when we were young. Our carefree way of living. Oh, how I missed it. I sat remember...
Sex Exploitation
a month ago
Tammy sat and watched as the camera continuously snapped pictures of the young lady who wore a cowboy hat and nothing else. Letting her eyes roam over the young girl's breasts, amazed how perfect they...
Remembering Him
a month ago
Sitting in the overstuffed chair, my legs thrown over the arm, I sat sideways looking at my best friend. My eyes were worn out, red from crying. I missed him, I missed his face. The last few weeks see...