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Morning Sex
13 days ago
There’s nothing like waking up in the morning and having a hard-on. Laying there with sleep still in your eyes and having a beautiful man laying next to you ready to serve. That is my idea of a “Good ...
The Sex I Have
17 days ago
Have you ever just had enough of people? Dealing with all of their drama and stress? Some people are just stressful to be around, ultimately stealing your joy and zest for life. Like huge emotional va...
Sex with a Gentleman
20 days ago
I was watching her from across the restaurant. She was beautiful. The way she flipped her auburn hair when she laughed. Her bright red lipstick perfectly applied to her full heart shaped lips. I am gu...
The Sex I Really Want
24 days ago
Couples therapy, yay! Often I thought that the daunting task of going to therapy made things worse in our marriage. Well, until that one time when the therapist asked me that golden question. "What ki...
Sex in Concourse D
25 days ago
Kicking off my black heels and placing them in the plastic tub, along with my purse and a small carry on, I shoved the grey tub onto the conveyor belt that brought my belongings to the security x-ray ...
Vaca Sex
a month ago
I had to give it a final shot, our vacation was almost over. I had to try and seduce him one more time. After twelve years of marriage we had fallen into a funk. But, I craved sex, wanted it more than...