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Diaries of a Call Girl
16 hours ago
Excitement shot through me, he was back in town. Unprofessional, maybe but I have become too emotionally close with Jason. He is so nice, handsome, and he makes me feel a way no other guy has made me ...
Teach Me, Teacher
10 days ago
I loved my college history class. My professor, Mr. Johnston, was not only enthusiastic about the subject he taught, but he was cute, too. I mean, for an older guy. I remember the first time I walked ...
Diaries of a Call Girl (Part 2)
12 days ago
My heart leaped into my throat. Initially, I was unnerved, creeped out. I didn’t like looking at his eyes behind the leather mask that he wore. He walked closer to me, I could hear his breath quicken....
13 days ago
The anticipation was killing me. I just finished setting up my Tinder account. It had been only a few minutes since I uploaded my picture, and I was anxious to see the responses I would generate. Work...
Stormy Sex
13 days ago
The sky darkened as the clouds rolled in. Thunder could be heard rumbling, minutes later lightning flashed across the sky. The wind picked up, bending the tree’s under its pressure the long grass sway...
Diaries of a Call Girl
13 days ago
My phone buzzed, vibrating across the kitchen table. Picking it up, I read the message. “I have to go,” I yelled over my shoulder as I gathered my dishes from the kitchen table. Walking to my bedroom,...