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22 years old.

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What's Your Preferred Sex Act?
2 years ago
What is your favourite sexual act to perform? Well, here are some of the favourite sexual acts of today. Some you may have heard of and others you may have even tried.
Sexual Fantasies
2 years ago
Many people have different sexual fantasies from their teenage years to their adult years, but they don't always express what they are thinking about or what they are feeling. Most fantasies may inclu...
My Sexual Experience
2 years ago
This is going to be where I describe the ins and outs of the past four years of my sex life. However, I have only had sex with three different men. From the amazing, to the good, and to the extremely ...
Watching Porn
2 years ago
Many can admit that they have watched porn videos at some point in their life, but there are only a few that can admit that they have watched the videos with another person. Whether it would be with t...
Love Letters
2 years ago
After being in a relationship for six months and living together with my partner for five months, we still regularly exchange love letter and fantasy ideas. Although some people think this is a time o...
Sexual Likes and Dislikes
2 years ago
Whilst me and my boyfriend have been writing for this site, I gave him a few ideas on what may want to write about, although I have taken one idea and turned it into my own. So here goes... I'll be wr...