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22 years old.

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To Shave or Not To Shave?
2 years ago
Here goes, most women have different opinions about being shaved down below. Some women prefer to be soft and smooth where as some other women prefer to have a little bit of hair growth to other women...
Sexual Intent
2 years ago
Sexual intent can mean many different things to different people. I suppose some people’s sexual intent depends on their state of mind, what they believe in and what they have experienced throughout t...
Sexual Desires
2 years ago
Knowing other people's sexual desires can have a thrilling affect on your own sexual desires. Knowing what people like, what people enjoy, and what people do and give ourselves ideas or fantasies abou...
Sex Life
2 years ago
Although everyone wants to be like same or as ordinary as possible, sometimes they choose to have an extraordinary or unusual sex life. However, some sex lives ideas aren't always their own, sometimes...
Sexual Displeasure
2 years ago
Most people are obsessed with sex these days, whether that’s having sex with other people, having sex toys, being a Dominant or a Submissive. Most people have had the experience of sex in some kind of...