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22 years old.

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Naked Outdoor Photography
2 years ago
This is all about my first Naked Outdoor Photography experience. I learnt about this through my partner who has been doing it for around twenty years. I was always intrigued by what he got out of it a...
Is Sex As Good As It Really Seems?
2 years ago
After only having sex for 4 years, to me it seems like longer. I'm not sure whether it's because of the amount of times that I have had sex or because I have only had sex with 3 boys/men. I'm currentl...
My First Sex Session
2 years ago
After reading so many different sex stories on this site I thought I'd try and write about my first time having sex. From the date this article is published on this site I would have been 4 years (not...
Having Sex Games
2 years ago
After pursuing nearly all boyfriend's and my fantasies we have spent many nights thinking of new ways of experimenting and new fantasies that we would both like to "try out." I am writing this on a Tu...
Preferred Sexual Acts Part 2
2 years ago
Click here for part 1.
The Use of Sex Toys
2 years ago
Sex toys have become more and more popular within the last few years. This may be because of the easier access to porn sites and porn pictures. Not everyone is a fan of all types of sex toys. However,...