Roy Jones

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Porn Star Murder
7 days ago
I love natural pornstars and the series "Backstabbing Sluts" seems to be providing an absolute plethora of these gorgeous honeys. You can actually purchase the clips on Clips4Sale, but I managed to se...
Sleazy Stepmom
7 days ago
Is there such a thing as too dirty in porn? I can't quite answer that question as I think I'm too under qualified. What I do know are my own personal tastes and an overview of what other people deem a...
Dirty Cousin Takes Over!
7 days ago
This really was an excellent pornographic series and I'm going to have to research to see if they did anymore good scenes. The "Backstabbing Sluts" series is borderline taboo at times, but doesn't cro...
Naughty Friend Steals Boyfriend!
8 days ago
With that much content available to people online, pornography companies need to be extra creative to attract a customer. This can include fetishes, creative scenarios or appealing to a certain type o...
Bathtime with Stepmom
9 days ago
Nuru Massage do some quality scenes and their popularity is huge; I never realised until I actually written about one of their scenes. I've got a bit of a fascination with the military and so do the A...
Committing a Felony!
9 days ago
Public sex is relatively new in my eyes in the concept of porn scenes; I've seen very few companies do it well. I felt "Money Talks" leaves a sour taste in the mouth looking very staged. I thought to ...