Roy Jones

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Curse of Selena!
2 months ago
It's hard to define what legendary is to someone without first defining the craft to which they are legendary at. The dictionary describes a legend as 'an extremely famous or notorious person, especia...
Dude! My Stepmom Is Hot!
3 months ago
Got to be honest, I do love a good reality scene with a kinky twist. The more real it seems the better as it manages to suspend the disbelief of the sub-conscious. What I've found from reviewing porn ...
Legendary Porn Star
3 months ago
There have been fewer legends in the porn industry in recent years due to the increasing growth of the internet. One has to think back in the 1970s to 1980s that the only way to watch these women ply ...
A Brief 'MILF'
3 months ago
Porn is a lucrative industry where there's big money to be made if one is business savvy. What a lot of us don't realise is intelligent women are starring in front of the camera as a way to make "big ...
'GILF' Anyone?
3 months ago
They say age is just a number which can be true if you look after yourself. We see some 70-year-old yogis looking lean and muscular through a healthy diet combined with exercise all over the internet....
Correctional Officer Does Porn
3 months ago
If we look up the dictionary definition of 'MILF' it's described as a sexually attractive older woman, typically one who has children. Correct me if a bit vague and doesn't get into details about the ...