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Hottest Canadian Porn Stars
2 years ago
Canada is America's Northern Neighbor, and is known for a lot of things that we enjoy. We love Canadian maple syrup. Tons of people also adore the delicious salmon, the tasty beer, and watching hockey...
Hottest Russian Porn Stars
2 years ago
There are many things that people associate with Russia—Communism, Vladimir Putin, the Cold War, cold winter nights, caviar, and of course, Russian vodka. But, as Russian as all these things are, the ...
Best Flavored Lubricants You'll Actually Want to Use
2 years ago
If there's one thing that most sex writers will warn you against, it's flavored lubes. Speaking as someone who's had bad flavored lubricants, the wrong flavor can put you out of the mood faster than a...
Most Popular Vibrators Every Woman Needs to Try
2 years ago
I'm a firm believer that there's a vibrator for every woman out there — and that if your partner is threatened by your vibrator, you need a new lover. Vibrators are one of the best ways to improve you...
Best Sex Games for Couples
2 years ago
Sex games are not always that good. If you've ever watched that one clip from Bob's Burgers where Linda and Bob are trying to improve their sex lives via "love dice," you already know that bad sex gam...
Hottest Curvy Porn Stars
2 years ago
Most girls in the porn industry are super slender, with long legs and flat chests — and that's fine, really. However, there are many of us who want to see girls who have serious curves. After all, it'...