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Sexiest Songs About Female Masturbation
10 months ago
Artists love to discuss things that matter to them. That's why there are songs about drinking, songs about death, and even songs about smoking weed in spades. But, all those topics are nowhere near as...
Top Blonde Teen Porn Stars
10 months ago
Most people, when they think of a porn star, think of a busty, blonde girl who oozes sexuality in every move she makes. It's the "Playboy Standard," so to speak, and that's why there are so many highl...
Sexiest Porn Stars Who Love Anal
10 months ago
Anal is sexy—and for most people, it's just taboo enough to make us feel a little wild thinking about it. There's just something about anal sex that gets people going, and to a point, it may not even ...
Hottest Spanish Porn Stars
10 months ago
They say that Spanish lovers are some of the best in the world, and if you were to take a look at some of the Spanish porn stars hitting the scene, it's easy to see why that reputation exists. They're...
Hottest Brazilian Porn Stars
a year ago
Brazil is famous for a number of things that make it a very tourist-friendly country. It's known for luxurious beaches, great food, and of course, extremely beautiful women. Perhaps that's why so many...
Kinkiest Sex Toys for Couples to Experiment With
a year ago
If there's one thing that I know, it's kink. Kinky sex is wild, hot, and at times, a bit terrifying. There's also a type of kinky sex for just about every person and every couple out there. The funny ...