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Top Fittest Porn Stars
a year ago
Science has proven that the vast majority of people find physical fitness to be sexually attractive. That's why a lot of people in the adult movie industry tend to be health nuts alongside major fans ...
Hottest Polish Porn Stars
a year ago
Poland is known for having great pierogis, strong (but smooth) vodka, and excellent football teams. It's an Eastern European country that's wonderful to visit and filled with great adventures around e...
Best Tantric Sex Tips That Anyone Can Try
a year ago
Tantric sex is one of those experiences that most people have wanted to do at one point or another — but haven't been able to, possibly due to a lack of educational resources or a lack of even knowing...
Sexiest Songs About Female Masturbation
a year ago
Artists love to discuss things that matter to them. That's why there are songs about drinking, songs about death, and even songs about smoking weed in spades. But, all those topics are nowhere near as...
Top Blonde Teen Porn Stars
a year ago
Most people, when they think of a porn star, think of a busty, blonde girl who oozes sexuality in every move she makes. It's the "Playboy Standard," so to speak, and that's why there are so many highl...
Sexiest Porn Stars Who Love Anal
a year ago
Anal is sexy—and for most people, it's just taboo enough to make us feel a little wild thinking about it. There's just something about anal sex that gets people going, and to a point, it may not even ...