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How to Talk to Your Partner About Your Sexual Needs
4 months ago
Sex is a lot like pizza—everyone has a particular style that they enjoy, and even the really bad plain stuff isn't too awful. Even so, it's undeniable that having bad sex on a regular basis can put a ...
Here Are All the Best LELO Amazon Prime Day Deals
5 months ago
It’s getting close to Amazon Prime Day, and that means that it’s time to scour the net for the best Prime Day deals being offered by their favorite companies. There are splurge-worthy deals for just a...
Weirdest Sex Positions Everyone Should Try At Least Once
6 months ago
Most people tend to have a handful of sex positions that they stick to when they're looking for a roll in the hay. It's just human nature to want "tried and true" positions like Doggy Style, Missionar...
I Tried the LELO Sona Cruise Everyone's Talking About, and It's Amazing!
7 months ago
LELO is one of the hottest sex toy companies in the world right now. They were the ones who brought artistic and organic style to sex toys. They're also known for being the sex toy company featured in...
Best Oral Sex Positions
8 months ago
Did you know that oral sex is one of the few sexual actions that's considered to be more intimate than sexual intercourse by a large portion of the population? Surprising, isn't it? Well, it is until ...
Anime Porn Parodies That Actually Exist
8 months ago
Anime culture is naturally pervy—and for the most part, it's not a culture that tries to hide that fact, either. It's a genre that's known for magical girls in skimpy outfits, as well as more fanservi...