Laura Bruns

A feminist who writes a lot of shit. I get lonely, so I turn to my pen and paper.

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The Perfect Sex Toy
6 months ago
Going to a sex shop can be scary. It's hard to know which shops are quality and which are a little... back-alley. Then once you do work up the courage to finally walk into one, the options can be tota...
Honest About Anal
6 months ago
Anal sex is one of the "hot new things" in sex right now. For some reason, it has become a huge fad over the past few years and just about everyone wants to try it. However, anal sex isn't talked abou...
A Review on the Womanizer
6 months ago
I've been working in a sex shop for almost seven months now. In that time, I've encountered thousands of toys from over a hundred different brands. Toys that thrust, toys that vibrate, toys that sucti...