Laura Bruns

A feminist who writes a lot of shit. I get lonely, so I turn to my pen and paper.

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Real-Life Erotica
5 months ago
We met on Tinder. I thought he was kind of cute, and by kind of cute, I mean cute enough to go on one single date with. I have my profile set to see both men and women, but it's hard to find chicks wh...
Sexy Stocking Stuffers
5 months ago
The holidays have arrived, just as they do every year. And yet again, you're probably unprepared and scrambling to find gifts for everyone on your list. It's hard to find the perfect present sometimes...
Lube It Up!
5 months ago
When we see sex in the movies or on TV, it looks so glamorous. Celebrities throwing each other up against walls with "I must have you now" passion. Steamy sexcapades in the shower. Hands sliding down ...
A Review on the Maia Toy Company
6 months ago
Maia is a relatively new company in the adult toy industry. A lot of their toys have 10 vibrating functions and are made with medical grade silicone, which is the best silicone you can get when it com...
Love Your Lingerie
6 months ago
The first piece of lingerie I ever owned was from Walmart. I bought it for $10. Just a simple black lace chemise. I wanted to wear something sexy for my boyfriend. We lived 10 hours away, so I wanted ...
From Stale to Spicy
6 months ago
Life is nothing but one big routine. We get up, go to work, eat, talk to the same people, see the same people, sleep in the same bed, day after day. The same routine can get boring, which is why we co...