Caesar Finkle

Journalist and fine woman connoisseur from Danbury, Connecticut.

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Hottest Gay Male Porn Stars
2 years ago
There is something remarkably hot (and beautiful) about watching two men go at it on camera—even if you're not a gay man. Maybe it's the fact that it's two gorgeous guys who are into each other, or ma...
Sexiest Porn Stars with Tattoos
2 years ago
Tattoos were once the most taboo thing a girl could get, and truth be told, not all tattoos are a good idea. Some folks simply can't rock a tattoo the right way, or may have made the mistake of gettin...
Best NSFW Subreddits for GIFs
2 years ago
Reddit has become one of the largest online community sites the world has ever seen, and with that, it's also become infamous for having NSFW subreddits that cater to just about every kink, pose, and orientation imaginable. If you're like most people out there, pictures can only go so far when it comes to porn. Sometimes, NSFW GIFs are where it's really at—and they offer just enough tease to get most people going. Truthfully, you can never get enough sexy GIFs on the net. People looking for sexy...
Most Popular NSFW Subreddits
2 years ago
If you are alive and on the internet, chances are that you have gone on Reddit. It's the forum site that has a sub for just about every interest, no matter how esoteric, controversial, or strange it m...
Hottest Australian Porn Stars
2 years ago
Australia's known for many great things, including sexy accents, koalas, deliciously savory Vegemite sandwiches, and some of the best beaches in the world. Despite all the perks, a lot of folks might ...
Hottest German Porn Stars
2 years ago
European porn stars have been increasingly popular as years pass, and it's easy to see why. They have a uniquely exotic flair to them that makes their work incredibly sexy. Much like American porn sta...