Caesar Finkle

Journalist and fine woman connoisseur from Danbury, Connecticut.

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Hottest Instagram Stories to Follow
a month ago
Right now, Instagram is exploding — in both popularity and quality. Some of the sexiest people on the planet are promoting themselves via Instagram stories, and they're showing plenty of skin while do...
15 Kissing Videos That Are Hotter Than Porn
3 months ago
Few things can carry as much raw passion, build up, and sexual tension like a genuine kiss. It's why people adore good kissers, and why so many people use kissing as a guide on what to expect when bed...
Porn Stars with the Most Epic Ass
4 months ago
The porn industry is known for having gorgeous women who fit every single kind of bill. There are porn stars that make music. There are porn stars that do crazy fetish stuff. Porn stars do it all - an...
Hottest New Porn Stars You Need to Watch
4 months ago
One of the best things about the porn industry is that there are always new porn stars to watch every single year. With a million changing faces, it's easy to lose track of which new porn stars you sh...
Hottest Lesbian Celebrities
8 months ago
It is an open secret that the world wants to know which of the hottest celebrities are lesbians, and frequently try to rate lesbian celebrities based on who they think is the hottest. These women are ...
Natural Breast Porn Stars
8 months ago
Let’s face it, it often seems as though having fake boobs is a prerequisite for becoming a porn star when you look at the girls who make a name for themselves in the industry versus the ones who do a ...