Alicia Springer

Mother of two. Personal trainer. Fitness is about determination, not age.

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Sex Positions for Very Flexible People
8 months ago
With yoga having become so mainstream, more people are increasing their flexibility. The great part is that it’s not only healthy, but it can rev up your sex life. If you’re someone who is flexible an...
Is It Possible to Never Have an Orgasm?
2 years ago
Women who have never had orgasms often feel extremely depressed, or cheated, since society glorifies orgasms so much; and, indeed, it is a great pleasure that is being missed. Let's look at what these...
What Is a Multiple Orgasm?
2 years ago
There often, as a woman, seems to be an unconscious rejection of the possibility of having more than one orgasm. If men can only have one, perhaps it seems greedy, aggressive, or challenging to want m...
Do Orgasms Feel Different Without Sexual Intercourse?
2 years ago
“Do orgasms with the presence of a penis feel different from those without? In what way?" One reason the clitoral-vaginal controversy remains with us is that the mystique of orgasm during intercourse ...
Best Erotic Novels
2 years ago
So you read Fifty Shades of Grey. Maybe you liked it, maybe you hated it, and maybe it left you wanting more. The huge success of the Fifty Shades of Grey series has reopened the exciting world of ero...
Selfish Relationship Habits You Need to Stop
2 years ago
Selfish relationship habits are a lot more common than we realize. Romantic relationships can be messy and, most of us would agree, that is an understatement. Between forfeiting your bachelor lifestyl...