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Rudojis: Because Eggplant Emojis Aren't Really Sex Emojis
2 years ago
Have you ever wondered what emoji would look like if they were totally X-rated? Considering how wild sex can be, it's a scary thought — and yes, there's a group that's decided to show what a sexual em...
Best Erotic Illustrators You Should Follow on Instagram Right Now
2 years ago
Erotic illustration is so hot right now — and we're not just talking about the sexiness of the content, either! Throughout Instagram, people are showing their own take on human sexuality, and many of ...
Inspiring Examples of Erotic Illustrations
3 years ago
If pornography as a whole exists to satisfy our animalistic, inherently human sexual impulses–a means to an end–then it follows that works of erotic art should be similarly differentiated by the artis...
Best Vintage Sex Magazine Logos
3 years ago
Before the sexual revolution enabled pornography to go mainstream (do Penthouse and Playboy sound familiar to you?) adult magazines, or ‘girlie mags’, were already in successful circulation. Now, all ...
The Bizarre World of Sasha Grey Fan Art
3 years ago
As Rolling Stones once put it, Sasha Grey is “the dirtiest girl in the world”, or she used to be. Now–by Grey’s own design–it’s unclear exactly what she is, but her wide cultural impact speaks for its...
Most Sexual Rap Lyrics 
3 years ago
If you are a hip hop aficionado like myself, you love some good raunchy lyrics. There is nothing finer than nodding your head to the beat as visions strippers twerk in your mind, or on the screen. It ...