A. Walter Cox

Writer. Gonzo Journalist. Recovering Wild Boy. Consultant. Freelance eBook author and ghostwriter.
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Famous Bisexuals
3 years ago
Not that anyone is asking, but I am pretty much what you would call a red-blooded heterosexual. Which is to say that pretty early on, I got into my groove and stuck with it. I don’t freak out when I r...
1970s Celebrity Boobs
4 years ago
In a world where breast implants have become a common gift for college graduates, it can be hard for naturally well-endowed babes to stand apart from the rest of society. It wasn't always this way. In...
Sexiest Flat-Chested Porn Stars on Twitter
4 years ago
The best things cum in small packages. Small breasts matter! A little boob is still a boob! Hath not a little titty nipples? If you lick them, does she not giggle? If you pinch them, does she not sque...
Popular Porn Stars to Meet at Exxxotica
4 years ago
The turkey isn’t the only thing getting stuffed in November. Autumn has a special meaning to most people. All of those colors and smells, sparking misty watercolor memories of sorority girls clamoring...
Origin of Stripping
4 years ago
Like the plumage and color markings of lesser species, style and fashion help send signals to the opposite sex. More than 300 years ago, Robert Burton expressed this view when he wrote in The Anatomy ...
Cutest Porn Stars
4 years ago
A cute porn star is like an ice cream cone. Not only are they a delicious treat, but you can’t help but smile whenever you’re enjoying one. That being said, even Star Wars’ Natalie Portman once said “...