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Writer with an insatiable love of the Romance genre, and loves writing about strong, bad-ass alphas and the people who love them. Like my writing? Feel free to leave me a tip. Thanks for your support.

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London's Dream Mate
7 months ago
London was a little nervous to get a visit from his future mate. He had no idea what the man even looked like. He had already shifted into a dinosaur by the time London and the others had entered the ...
Sydney's Dream Mate
7 months ago
Sydney sat crossed-legged on his bed, waiting impatiently for him to show up. If what Aspen said was true, then Sydney should be getting a visit from his future mate tonight. He looked around the room...
Branson's Dream Mate
7 months ago
Branson stepped out of the bathroom, rubbing the towel over his head to dry his shoulder length locks. As he started to run the towel down his body, he looked up to see the elf from earlier laying on ...
Paris's Dream Mate
7 months ago
Paris laid on his bed and waited patiently. Aspen had told all the siblings about his vision the night before, and they all suspected the Temple of Destiny was responsible for that. He was sure Aspen ...
Aspen's Dream Mate
7 months ago
Aspen laid in bed, his thoughts centered around the fight from earlier that day. He had heard things from other mages whom had visited the Temple of Destiny. They mentioned having visions of what the ...