Stephen Hamilton

Definitive movie buff. Quickly realized that it was more financially prudent to write about film than trying to beg for millions of dollars to make his own.

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Sexiest NSFW Star Wars Cosplay Girls
2 years ago
Whether people want to admit it or not, there's something incredibly hot about geek girls. They're smart. They have awesome taste in movies and comics. And, they are gorgeous. With all the hubbub surr...
Best Porn Documentaries on Vimeo
2 years ago
The best porn documentaries on Vimeo delve deep into the porn industry to educate the general public. Some of them are strictly educational and shed light on the lives of those in the industry, while ...
Best Stalker Thrillers
2 years ago
What made Fatal Attraction one of Hollywood’s biggest hits and spawned an entire stalker triller genre was the simple intensity of the relationships. Coupled with a subtle level of violence that stead...