Sharlene Alba

Full of raw and unfiltered fluid poems and prompts on love, sex, relationships and life. Instagram: grungefirepoetry 

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Loner's Retreat: Santana & Jonas, Part 1
20 hours ago
SANTANA Santana Davis, or currently known as Mrs. Santana Martinez, twisted the ends of her curls as she stared at her new husband who was too engrossed in reading the newspaper to notice. The bright ...
Loner's Retreat: Angelina & Julie (The Ending)
3 days ago
ANGELINA Her anxiety was at an all time high as she checked her phone again for the fifth time in the last two minutes. Was her father not going to show? Did he even want to mend fences and move on? "...
Loner's Retreat: Angelina & Julie, Part 6
4 days ago
JULIE If being in the car with your ex-lover and your new one wasn't awkward, Julie didn't know what was. According to Miguel, shit had hit the fan while the doctors were doing their best to hydrate h...
Loner's Retreat: Angelina & Julie, Part 5
6 days ago
ANGELINA "I can't do this anymore." Angelina stated, determined to put an end to her indiscretions with Dolly and free herself of the internal agony her guilty conscious had been putting her through, ...
Loner's Retreat: Angelina & Julie, Part 4
7 days ago
JULIE Crack Crack Crack The ear-shattering sharp sounds of a handgun being fired near her ear made it hard for Julie to focus and gain the upper-hand against her assailant. He'd been the only one who'...
Loner's Retreat: Angelina & Julie, Part 3
8 days ago
ANGELINA Her lips, their fullness, how her tongue felt flicking at her nub underneath the water, her smile, the way her blue eyes pulled you into her orbit refusing to let you go until she was done wi...