Sharlene Alba

Full of raw and unfiltered fluid poems, short stories and prompts on love, sex, relationships and life. Instagram: grungefirepoetry 

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Never Again
2 days ago
You used to be my favorite memory. A moment in time where I usually got lost in, with a coated key full of sadness to open the door. A flood of emotions would drown me every time, anywhere, while doin...
Sofia: Part 3
5 days ago
Eddie Colon, the chief of police on the island, exited the interrogation room and Sofia braced herself for his infamous disapproving glare. He'd be smart to be nice to her. Considering the only reason...
Lazy Secrets
8 days ago
Tonight was the night. She was going to do this. She was going to do everything her wicked little thoughts could conjure up and God be damned if she didn't get at least a kiss out of it. Their Sunday ...
The First Sigh
9 days ago
A week. She hadn't spoken to him in a week. Work had distracted him from her wrath at first. Now, he only missed her company. Even if it meant standing in the line of fire, he would happily take any h...
Sofia: Part 2
10 days ago
Hurricane Maria had completely destroyed the island she called home five years ago. All of the hardworking people she grew up with, all of their homes and places of employment had been washed away. Th...
The Marks She Left
12 days ago
He'd broken her heart one too many times, yet here he was, at her wedding, not able to tear his gaze away from her as she took her groom's hand and they began their ceremony. He thought back to the mo...