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Hi! I am blogger who writes about female sex and sexuality! (Yes, I LOVE sex!) My posts usually run the gamut from oral sex to sexual health. If you would like more info, please visit my blog at

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'But I Got Some Booty Though!'
3 days ago
Imagine this: It’s the annual family reunion weekend and family members are showing up at your house. Because you have a pool, this part of the reunion is mostly for the kids, so the kids are EVERYWHE...
The Office Meeting...
9 days ago
I always see her in the cafeteria. She eats the same thing everyday: a salad and a water. We make eye contact and smile at each other as she takes her tray to leave with her lonely salad and water. Th...
She Watched Him...
12 days ago
The Creation of a Voyeur
The Growth of Sexual Identity
16 days ago
I recently met with my high school senior English teacher to talk about writing, sex, and sexual identity. (Yes, I still talk to both my 11th and 12th grade English teachers and yes, we talk about sex...