Natalie Fraser

I am a freelance writer and I enjoy exploring my creativity and writing in different styles and on a variety of subjects.

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Love, Lust, and Lies Chapter 4
8 months ago
As the week went on, Cassie became more and more nervous and doubtful. Her over active brain began forming hundreds of possible reasons why Andrew hadn't given her a definite answer there and then. Th...
Love, Lust, and Lies Chapter 3
9 months ago
'I can't believe he's not here,' Cassie thought to herself. It was Sunday morning at the gym and there was no sign of the mystery man. Cassie felt really low and struggled to get motivated in her work...
Love, Lust, and Lies Chapter 2
9 months ago
Cassie checked her reflection one last time, giving herself a cheeky smile before heading out of the house. The butterflies in her stomach were doing summersaults with nerves and excitement, she could...
Love, Lust, and Lies
9 months ago
Cassandra Knight, what are you doing with your life! She thought to herself as she stepped into the shower. She turned the water on full blast and started to wash away the scent of Daniel, with whom s...