M Taylor

Free-spirited-gypsy-footed wild woman. Here to share my erotic musings and flex my creative muscles. 

The Edge of Ecstasy
3 months ago
What started as gentle caressing has evolved into deep, passionate kissing. Our breathing and primal groaning dance together as our bodies grind against one another so desperately you would think our ...
Tied With the Kitchen Towel
4 months ago
You walk into the kitchen and see me covered in flour, a strand of hair falling down around my ear. You’re surprised to feel your cheeks warm. You’re taken back to the moment our eyes first met. It fe...
Count For Me
4 months ago
“Chest down, ass up.” I do as I’m told, bending over the end of the bed. “Arms above your head.” Again, I oblige, excited at pleasing you. You tie my hands with a long rope bound at the other end to t...
Punishment in Chicago Alley
4 months ago
I face the wall of the alley. My forearms flush with the brick, my back arched, hips high, and head down. The impact of your palm radiates through every nerve in my body and all I can think about is a...