kelvin matchett

A humble carpenter from the provinces. Tapping keys like a white stick taps walls. 

Lynette (Part Three)
19 days ago
"I wanna suck your cock and I want it clean!" Those words resounded in Davids imagination as he left the room. The moral ambiguity of the situation was not lost him: a girl more at home in his daughte...
Lynette (Part Two)
19 days ago
"Take me home," she pleaded. "Where do you live?" "Not my home, yours." This was serious, not an idle fantasy. A young girl not much past his daughter's age, in need of what? Certainly, in need of som...
20 days ago
Comes in many forms... Summer city smells: diesel, carbon monoxide, fast food, a feint hint of sewage, vegetable stalls and then....and then.. a pub. Clothes sticking to your back from a very long lon...
The Dancer
2 months ago
Maria was a dancer, well that's what she called herself. Others may have used different titles like stripper or pole dancer but Maria preferred just "dancer." For four nights a week she would dance up...