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What if intercourse no longer meant pain but screamed pleasure? What you felt happy and complete again?

I beat vaginismus and I want to share the recipe to success with you. Go to katrinwithlove.com.

Bicep Curls for the Pelvic Floor
7 days ago
It was a Saturday afternoon. My best friend and I were walking up one of the busy streets of downtown Toronto, heading to a special kind of studio. We had been to a class like this once before, and le...
Tiny but Mighty Vibes
13 days ago
I have a confession.
The Biggest Mistake You May Be Making as Vaginismus Is Shattering Your Soul
a month ago
The thought of penetration hurts. And the act of penetration KILLS, wouldn't you agree?
My Harmless Childhood Injury
a month ago
My very first sexual penetration experience, at the age of 18, was a painful one. “Normal” as most would say for a first time. But that repeated itself the next time and the time after that…The pain w...
4 Tips from Real Women: How They Overcame Vaginismus
a month ago
Sometimes, vaginismus might make you feel like you are all alone on your path to recovery. A path full of pain and uncertainty… Can you relate? You’re not alone! Other women have been where you are to...
a month ago
I was awkwardly sitting on an arm chair in a well-lit office, with my sex therapist across from me, and a tissue box expertly positioned on the coffee table between us. That’s the day I heard about di...