Joy Ergang

Avid poet and writer.

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First Time
10 months ago
I couldn't help not thinking about him. His unshaven chiseled chin. His slender yet muscular body. His piercing deep blue eyes. His full, perfect lips that felt so good, no matter where he kissed me. ...
10 months ago
Watching her lay there, sleeping naked, in my bed. Absolutely breathtaking. Especially after the incredible night we had last night. Just thinking about it puts a smile on my face. I never thought I w...
Promiscuous 2.0
10 months ago
The way he looks at me, it's so irresistible. His dark brown hair, chiseled chin, and slightly noticeable muscular body had quite a few of the ladies at work swooning. As he sits across from me at the...
a year ago
What is he doing to me? We should know better. He's a married man. Yet the sexual tension got the best of us. His touch. His kiss. His irresistible body. His body against mine feels so good. At first ...