Johnathan Hunt

MMy name is Johnathan Hunt and I have been writing since I was 8.  I write poems stories and books.  

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Me And You
5 months ago
Me and Ashley, who was my best friend growing up, were walking down the street. We had just parked the car so we could sight see the busy areas and maybe buy some fun stuff. We always did everything t...
The Gift
5 months ago
It was a regular day like any other. Sira was walking home from school. The day seemed to extend to long. She was relieved to be done with it. She flipped back her blue hair and smiled, as she looked ...
Next Year
5 months ago
There I was, wondering, like always, about things I can't have. This was different, it was in my reach. All I had to do was win, if I did the new console would be mine. All I needed was twenty-five-th...
I'm Yours
5 months ago
Ash was your typical guy. He liked sports and was very good at them. He played football mostly. He had black hair and a very toned body. But no matter how popular he was, he never seemed to be truly h...
I Don't Mind
5 months ago
Kiata was pretty much a normal girl. She did things other girls did. She went to school. She rode the bus. She loved shopping. She even loved stuffed animals and boybands. But she did have one feature...
The Forbidden Beach (Pt. 2)
10 months ago
It was spring break. I took me and my sister to the beach. We had a reserved hotel but apparently there was a problem and they overbooked so we didn't have a room. I figure worse case we could sleep i...