Johnathan Hunt

MMy name is Johnathan Hunt and I have been writing since I was 8.  I write poems stories and books.  Lately my life has been falling apart.  I am looking for work to prevent losing everything.  In the meantime I am hoping this site can help

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The Forbidden Beach (Pt. 2)
13 days ago
It was spring break. I took me and my sister to the beach. We had a reserved hotel but apparently there was a problem and they overbooked so we didn't have a room. I figure worse case we could sleep i...
A True Friend
14 days ago
The hardest part about being born a hermaphrodite is that you feel like you can't tell anyone. You can't tell a friend or a boyfriend or a girlfriend. You're never sure how they will react. Other than...
You Look Great to Me
14 days ago
I was jogging home one day when I stopped at a pet store window. There was a puppy there that I wanted but I couldn't even afford the place I lived hardly. He was so cute and always energetic. He leap...
The Forbidden Beach (Pt. 1)
15 days ago
There we were on a beach. Having a time of our lives. The thing is we had nowhere to stay. Me and my brother were hanging out having a good time but our hotel was cancelled. We figured we would deal w...
New Experience
16 days ago
My school was just like any other of my kind. Same kind of uniforms. Same kind of schedules. Only difference is today I was 18. It was my birthday. And here I was stuck in school for eight hours. I ha...
A Lustful Daze
16 days ago
Me and my family were out in the country one week. Our car had broken down and we were stranded. It was a time before cell phones so we couldn't get much help and it was getting pretty late. I was 18 ...