Jessica Montgomery

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Hope and Aba
a year ago
Her eyes cannot move off of Aba’s form. Hope found her own breath catching. She has to stop. Knowing it’s wrong to want her best friend. But the months in agony pretending nothing has changed. Everyth...
Bad Teddy
a year ago
“Have you ever wanted to have sex with your favorite stuffed animal?” I ask this question to my two best friends. The three of us have often gone down odd avenues for conversations. “Seriously Kacey? ...
Wainya Syndicate
a year ago
Something inside her stirs a deadly storm. Already powerful among all she controls, her calling call is written in blood. Who fears such a woman? I’ll tell you. Other killers. She is not like any othe...
Not So Casual Encounter
a year ago
We both agreed it would be just casual. No strings. Little did we both know that it turned out the way it had. The text finally came in. He was waiting downstairs for me. Craigslist was perfect for th...