Jeff Watson

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On the Prowl
4 days ago
There were many long nights that I roamed the streets, on the prowl, looking for sex, looking for women, looking for excitement. It was thrilling to drive around on the rough side of my town, searchin...
Teacher's Petting
8 days ago
I don’t mean to take away a single thing from the #MeToo movement or diminish the pain that anyone has felt as the result of being sexually harassed or assaulted with what I am about to write. This st...
Threesome Thrill
13 days ago
My long-time girlfriend and I had, to say the least, an adventurous sex life. Our relationship may have been rockier than a canoe in a hurricane, but when it came to sex, we were doing just fine. That...
My First Experience with a Transgender Woman
15 days ago
The first time I was with a transgender woman was, well, completely by accident. At that point in my life I was in a larger city, and was enjoying the diversity of sex workers on the streets. It was r...
The Unnecessary Taboos Around Sex Work
16 days ago
It won’t be any surprise to hear that there is most definitely taboo around prostitution and sex work. We all know that. Despite the fact that millions of people across the world take part in the indu...
The Start of Something New
20 days ago
The first time I hired a prostitute was when I was 16 years old. It was a cold December night not long after I had earned my driver’s license. I had my parent’s car and a strong, aching desire for my ...