Jeff Watson

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The Orgy
6 months ago
I got to the private club around 9 PM. It was my first time here, and I was both nervous and excited... butterflies in my stomach, and blood flowing in my hard cock. I paid the fee to get in and the n...
My Wife, the Prostitute
6 months ago
I dropped her off at perfect corner on the strip. She was dressed for the job at hand, which was to attract a "customer." Who could possibly drive by my stunning wife, with her long legs held up by hi...
The Glory Hole
7 months ago
The cock that came through the hole in the wall must have been about nine inches long and had substantial girth. She looked up at me with an "I sure wasn't expecting this" kind of expression. He was q...
Sex with Strangers
7 months ago
We arrived at the theater at around 10 PM. It seemed like a good time to give this a try. It would probably be busy enough to make this work, but not so busy that it would be impossible to pull off. M...
Her Pleasure, My Pain
8 months ago
The thick, black, spiked dog collar she put tightly around my neck was at the end of a rather short leather leash. She was most definitely in control here, and she was reveling in it. With one hand, s...
The Pleasure and the Pain
8 months ago
Her slap left my cheek stinging. "Fuck you, asshole!" she screamed. Then she spit in my face. She slapped me again. And again. Hard. The pain was mixed with the pleasure of my hard cock being inside h...