Jean Sumrall

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I have led an amazing life with many varied interests including loving road trips, being a professional belly dancer, hand carving selenite, providing wise woman advice and intuitive readings for current problems. I love my life. Do you?

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The Initiation
7 days ago
Novadeena walked with her daughter to the Temple of the Divine Feminine. Hyaleanna, who had reached the age of Divine Joining, was excited about the instruction she was to undergo in preparation of he...
Sophia and the Pool Boy
21 days ago
Lucas tried to keep his mind on cleaning the pool but the blond woman drinking coffee on the patio had captured his attention. A low hedge kept him seeing all of her, but what he could see, he wanted....
The Threesome
23 days ago
The bar was crowded in the classic Victorian home that had been remodeled into a bed and breakfast. Sitting in a corner near the fireplace, a lone guitarist played a variety of love songs while a coup...
Schoolhouse Sex
24 days ago
The early morning air was invigorating. In the pre-dawn light, Hannah groomed her horse in the breezeway of the stable. Sheba, a four-year old roan mare, quietly munched her breakfast of sweet feed an...
The Man in the Black Corvette
a month ago
Samiya and Nagwa sat at a table sipping a beer they had split. Customers were beginning to come into the Greek restaurant where they performed a belly dance show every Friday night. They both took not...
**For Ladies Only**
a month ago
Imagine if you will, there is a knock on your door. You peek out the peephole to see who it is. You’re pleasantly surprised! There’s a hunk of a man standing far enough back from the door to reveal hi...