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I'm a somewhat single mother of 2 boys. 3, if you count my husband. Born and raised in Texas. I love anything with food, diy, love & relationships... I've been there and done that on so many topics :) 

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Sexual Encounter
10 days ago
We are all adults here, right? So let's get this started... I was born and raised in a super small town. More like a college town if you ask me. It's simple. Three main streets with, of course, your l...
An Office Fling
6 months ago
We all like a good story about office relationships, right? So here’s one that’s up to you to decide if it’s fact or fiction. Have fun reading and oh, don’t forget the wine! Working in an office setti...
The Office Affair
a year ago
Sleeping with co-workers can get messy. Very messy! This is a story about how 2 people started an office affair, and this is only the beginning.... They worked in a congested office setting. The 2 had...
What's Your Fantasy?
a year ago
Sex. What about it? It's freaking amazing! When it's done right, of course. But either way, it's a gateway to so much. It's like initial sex is the gateway drug to finding out about oral sex, BDSM etc...
Sexual Cravings
a year ago
Where do I start? I have a strong sexual craving at times. Yes, I'm in a healthy relationship. The sex with him is amazing. However, I just sometimes want something more. Something different, in a tho...