Fiona Morgan

I am a published author of thriller romance novels who wants to write more.

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The Night (Part One)
2 years ago
I am in so much shock I am vibrating with it! I am physically shaking from the top of my head to the tips of my toes, which could be quite a precarious position to be in as I'm wearing five-inch heels...
The Night (Part Two)
2 years ago
I can't believe the audacity of the man sitting watching me from across the table in the Red Sky hotel. There was no way I was taking him back to my house so I asked the taxi driver to take us to the ...
The Best Friend
2 years ago
I take a sip of my beer and look at my best friend sitting across from me. He is a tall, over 6ft, shaved head, stubbled, muscled, gorgeous, big softy. His lopsided smile lights up his navy blue eyes ...
Romance and Eczema
2 years ago
She stands in front of the man of her dreams as he looks at her, his bright blue eyes taking in every inch of her skin. His hands make short work of her lacy bra pushing the satin strap excruciatingly...