Danielle Stark

Hi, my name is Danielle. I have been writing for the past few years. I love to write fiction, in the genres romance and erotica. (Please don't tell my mom.) I hope you enjoy reading my stories. 

Bad Day Fantasy
a month ago
You have had a terrible day. It was one of those days where nothing seemed to be going right. One of those never-ending days that grate on your nerves and doesn't let up until you're snug in your bed,...
Let Me Make You Feel Good Part 2
8 months ago
Tick...tock...tick..tock… The clock seemed to be mocking Alex. She wanted desperately to run out of the classroom. She didn’t even care if she took her MacBook with her. She could already feel his arm...
The Best 5 Sex Toys You Should Own
9 months ago
I typically write erotic fiction, but today I wanted to share some Danielle-approved adult toys. These are great for solo play or for couples needing to spice up their sexy time. Just a reminder to al...
Birthday Sex
10 months ago
Birthdays are the best days. Especially your 21st birthday. Jessica was a pretty simple girl. She didn’t need a ton of glitz and glamour. She wasn’t big on being the center of the attention and even n...
Her Smile
a year ago
Her body was like an old country road from my hometown. Curves that lasted for miles. An unspoken truth that the road was made for me to travel and enjoy. A slow speed limit, but was so much fun when ...
Let Me Make You Feel Better
a year ago
Wednesdays are the worst days. It is the middle of the week, too far away from the weekend to consider the week over. But so far from Monday that I’m exhausted. This week had been an exceptionally rou...