Benjamin Wareing

Journalist and photographer. News, opinions and politics are my forte. Futuristic dystopian is my kink.

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Virginity in the UK Sucks
2 years ago
The idea of virginity is really a strange thing - psychologically, a very daunting and/ or exciting, and scientifically, not much really. Somehow, along our weird human path of destroying everyone sac...
Shocking Sexual Taboos
2 years ago
The one undisputed fact about sex is that it's everywhere. Really, there's an 'internet rule' that states "if it exists, there's porn of it". Try it - google anything and stick 'porn' on the end of it...
Sex Through the Seasons
2 years ago
Sex can be a really varied experience, changing with kinks, turn-ons, situation, risk and intimacy with your partner. But, did you know your sex lives are influenced by the season of the year you're i...
Why We're Scared of Love
2 years ago
Us humans seem to have a ‘one or the other’ attitude when it comes to love; we want to love and be loved, or we don’t want love at all. It’s odd, because we can flicker between the two in retaliation ...
The Thoughts We've Had During Boring Sex
2 years ago
I always preach about how great sex is, and I think most sex writers do. There isn’t any denying that, under the right circumstances, sex can really blow your mind – full pun intended. It’s the link b...
Was Donald Trump Really Using Locker Room Talk?
2 years ago
In the 1960s through to the ‘80s, locker-room talk was a heavy topic through, well, locker-rooms throughout the United States. The UK and other Western societies hadn’t quite adopted the same macho te...