Bea Norton

Bea is a sex therapist and writer from the UK who believes any couple can have an amazing sex life if they just look past all of the things that annoy them.

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Presidential Sex Scandals
3 years ago
Presidential sex scandals are as American as the bald eagle and apple pie. Before paparazzi, men of the White House could hide their scandals much more easily, but don't be fooled, these affairs have ...
Separate Bedroom Marriage Advice
3 years ago
An amazing statistic has been popping up all over the news and social media. The National Association of Home Builders has reported that a majority of new, custom homes have what could be two master b...
Vintage Sexist Dating Advice
3 years ago
We say ‘vintage sexist dating advice’ because a lot has changed over the last six or seven decades. We don’t experience an overload of advice that objectifies women and presents them as less significa...
Ways to Woo Your Woman
3 years ago
A wise person once said that a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. This is false and the person who said that was clearly just hungry. The way to a man’s heart is through his penis. This hold...
How to Hide Sex Toys from Your Kids
3 years ago
Having sex when you have kids around is always a challenge. As those kids get older, the challenges become even bigger. When they are old enough to start having their own sex lives, then you are in re...
What I Learned at Swinger Clubs
3 years ago
I have always been a fan of the unique sexual experience. Never one to enjoy being boring and stale, I pride myself on getting out there and learning to be adventurous. Some of my partners have been a...