Amanda Tucker

Working mother of 3, love writing, tattoos, and being a Spiritual Priest. Hobbies include writing risky stories and bdsm stories. I am not the traditional 

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The Hunter
2 years ago
He stepped out of the shadow he had been standing in for the last hour, watching her from the bushes in the alley behind her house. She had been arguing with her man for half that hour, walking back a...
Subject of MisTranslation (Pt 1)
2 years ago
Upon arrival to the auction, the slave trader walked me in collar and leash, with only a robe to cover my nakedness. I was not ashamed, it just felt so odd not having my usual clothes, but then again,...
The Hotel
2 years ago
She arrived on time as Sir has instructed, stopping at the front desk to pick up the room key as the text said. She made her way up to the third-floor room, not rushing up the stairs too fast because ...
Surprise Encounter
2 years ago
He walked into her work, knowing the layout since their lunch a few weeks ago. She was just getting off work and He knew she had some time today because she was supposed to go shopping after work. She...