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Creator of the Lokians SciFi series, The Adventures of Larson and Garrett, The Dragon of Time series, and more.

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Magic Wand Masturbator
20 days ago
Evidently, people still think that sex toys, and masturbators especially, are for single people who either don’t have a sex life or prefer not to have one, but that’s a skewed view. I like masturbator...
Sex Doll Maintenance
a month ago
Anyone who’s considered owning a sex doll has probably done research, perused a few sites, maybe even read through some doll forums. Some of you might have even seen my articles where I give an introd...
Sex Doll Scams
2 months ago
I've written before on the wondrous joy of owning a sex doll. If you so desire, you can peruse that article here: An Introduction to Sex Dolls. It's a delightful little article where I discuss the typ...
Sex Dolls
2 months ago
In a society where women are taught that no man can please them, no man can find a G-spot, nor care how to find it, no man can last more than two minutes, and all men do is watch degrading porn and be...
Ring a Ding-Ding, Baby
2 months ago
They say if you want it, you should put a ring on it, but what kind of ring? I like cock rings. I use the soft gel kind. They’re the safest. You can get this three pack shown above from Sexy Real Sex ...
The Internet Has Ruined Sex for Everybody, and Here’s Why
2 months ago
Let’s begin with the basic understanding that most men are like five-year-olds with shiny, red fire trucks. They want girls to play with those fire trucks, but they’re constantly worried that girls ha...