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Was Kyle Dean Killed?

The 21-year-old gay-for-pay porn star had a troubled life.

"Kyle Dean Dead at 21," headlines across the gay blogosphere declared in October of 2018. The stories all recounted how Kyle Dean would fuck a guy on camera for money but was seemingly heterosexual when the cameras were turned off. There is nothing special about that story, it plays out every single day around the world. But there was something special about Dean, and it wasn't just his all-American good looks or thick cock. Even on camera, he came across as a real person, one who couldn't believe he got paid to get laid. The charmed life would be cut short for the stud but was it of his own doing or was it something more sinister?

Kyle Dean was a stage name, there is nothing weird about this, most porn stars use one. His real name is Brandon Jason Chrisan. When he wasn't taking his clothes off on camera, Dean liked to play sports, specifically football. He also claimed to have won fourth place in an Adult Body Training competition, though there is nothing to back this claim up.

Soon after his 18th birthday, it appears as though Kyle Dean was hired for his first porn scene. It was a straight one, he was the jock, and the girl couldn't resist him. The clip seemed to be a hit, and he started booking more work, always along the same lines. And then the straight porn stopped.

Luckily for Dean, and gay men who liked his look, there was gay porn. Once again Kyle Dean was in-demand. Even though the money may not have been the greatest, a top in gay porn might make $200-$300 depending on some factors, he was working steadily. His fanbase grew, and he was the object of lust for many fellas. But it wasn't all bareback sex and orgasms.

Somewhere along the way, Dean picked up a drug habit. This is not an unusual occurrence, porn stars (really celebrities in general) often start doing drugs. Nobody seems to know precisely when it began, addicts are generally pretty good at hiding it at first, but it soon became an issue. He was having trouble performing and even getting hard. When your erection is the cornerstone of your career, that's an issue. The offers for scenes dried up, and Dean was begging for money to take an Uber somewhere or asking fans to buy him things on his Amazon wishlist.

All was not lost though, an enterprising producer realized that with an ass like Dean's, there was money to be made by convincing him to bottom. Wanting to work or needing the money, Dean agreed, and the third act of his career started. Here's where it's not hard to imagine that the addiction got worse. A straight guy fucking an ass is one thing, most have imagined it at one point (even if they wanted it to be a woman's ass they were). But being fucked in the ass is something different altogether. Even for those who like it, there could be questions about their sexuality and what it means to love having a dick up there. It's enough to drive a person to not want to think or self-medicate.

Here's where Kyle Dean's death get murky. After the initial headlines of him dying, there has been nothing else. Maybe there was nothing else to report, or maybe there weren't as many clicks on the article as editors had hoped. There's always another twink, another jock to take his place. Yet there is something odd about all of this. Addicts die of an overdose all the time; usually, there are a few follow-up reports when someone dies. In Dean's case, there has been nothing.

Sources have said that Dean actually died in September of 2018, and the obituary just made its way on to the internet in October. Given the shadiness of a drug addicts life, it should not be discounted that this young man's life was cut short because he owed the wrong person money.

Or more menacingly, maybe he was about to come forward with his own #MeToo story. He had stopped working in porn at this time, and fans have revealed that he had started an OnlyFans page (again not unusual, many porn stars do this) to keep money flowing in. There were allegations about the biggest name in porn, James Deen. This would have been the perfect time for a hunk, a male porn star to come forward with his own story of being used by producers for their own amusement. It's not hard to imagine that someone would want to have bragging rights of saying they fucked Kyle Dean in real life. Especially an older man, whose reputation is built upon being with the youngest, hottest piece of ass around.

It may never be known what happened to Kyle Dean. His star was on the rise when his life was cut tragically short. Questions remain, but does anyone really want the answers? 

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Was Kyle Dean Killed?
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