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The Joy of Anal Sex

It’s more enjoyable than just being the “poophole loophole.”

Anal sex is great. It’s an experience that is not easily forgotten by either party. And it’s one of the only experiences that heterosexual and homosexual couples can bond over. Is there anything anal sex can’t do? The answer to that question is no; it can do just about anything.

The thesis for this piece came when I was trying to understand how enjoying butt sex originally came from being something shameful, a hateful insult to something that a former bully and I bonded over. For the record, Billy did not bully me but he admitted to being quite homophobic in the past, and we did not experience anal sex together. Though not for lack of trying, on both parts. While nothing sexual came of the mutual attraction, there were answers. For starters, it was concluded that the teasing about liking anal came from a deep-seated desire to experience it.

Another conclusion came that the reason it is so desired by many men is because it helps them feel like they are bigger than they are. Much like the Asian woman fetish that is popular with certain segments of the straight male demographic, it comes down to being a hero. A friend of mine who asked not to be named for this piece said, “It’s all about wanting to feel like a hero. I love my girl but she can take care of herself, but with an Asian woman I get to feel like a hero, it helps drive my masculinity.” When presented with this quote, Billy agreed and argued that it adds to the enjoyment of anal. “Listen, a tight hole not only makes me think that my dick is big, but it also asserts my dominance over the receiver.”

What is the benefit for the receiver? In men, there’s the promise of a P spot orgasm. This is different than the usual orgasm of our seed spilling forth from the head of our cock. When the P spot is hit, and the orgasm begins, it will feel like another bodily fluid is trying to escape your body. Ignore that feeling, and let your partner keep going. The result will be the biggest load you have ever shot. It’s not just men who can orgasm from anal sex, while it takes more work, women can have climaxes that leave their bodies in a state of pleasure also.

Now that the orgasm part is out of the way, there is another joy to anal sex; it brings partners closer together. “I was dating a girl, we were about to break up, so I figured why not try one last time for anal!” Billy told me. “She said yes, and after that, we worked on our relationship. We were closer than ever.” That seems like a one-shot deal, but it helped a woman who goes by the screenname Drama Queen on a message board. Drama Queen mentioned that, like Billy, her relationship was on the rocks, though she added in that she was depressed. After a nice dinner and a margarita, they went back to her place and made out a little. As the prepared to have sex, she moved his dick to her asshole. Here’s what she has to say, “We both finished, and it felt like all of the awkwardness had melted away. I felt so incredibly in love with him. We laid together, and he kissed my face, shoulders, and chest. Everything felt back to normal. It truly got us through the rift.” These are just examples of many.

From fantasy fulfillment to saving relationships, there are many joys to anal sex. The most important being the orgasm that both partners can enjoy together. And while Billy and I never experienced one together, there are plenty of other men who have taught me how to enjoy the number one fantasy on the planet.

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The Joy of Anal Sex
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